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The Kings’ Assassin follows the exploits of Sillik, a master of the seven laws of magic and a warrior. Complying with a telepathic summon from his father the king, Sillik returns to his home, the city of Illicia. The city is home to the survivors of the last demon war and sworn followers of the seven gods of law. Illicia was built in a vast desert called the Weeping Wastes to protect and isolate it during the early years of the city’s existence. The city now possesses great wealth and has exerted military and political influence over the known world for thousands of years. Trade routes, through the desert, to Illicia are strictly controlled to protect the city. Upon his return, Sillik learns that assassins have killed his father and his older brothers. Assassination attempts follow Sillik’s every step as he navigates the political currents of his home and attempts to determine his next moves. Making the decision to postpone his coronation until after his father’s assassin is brought to justice creates new issues. Complications mount as Lady Silvia, one of the seven gods of law, interjects herself into the affairs of Illicia. Sillik follows the clues to the assassin that his father left for him and leaves the city. Followers of the nine gods of chaos pursue him while the world’s survival hangs in balance as the seven and nine gods battle for supremacy with humans as their pawns.


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